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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the period of the rental when I rent a BIN?

For up to 1 week, we encourage clients to rent a dumpster. Upon request, additional days are available and early disposal of the garbage dumpster can be planned.

Will my land be destroyed by your dumpster?

To NOT destroy land, we make every effort. For yours, for ours, for theirs. In certain cases, to make sure there is no harm, we can recommend applying a protective barrier or substance.

Let us know whether you have questions or your property faces special challenges. We will coordinate with you to ensure that we get the dumpster in and out without breaking it up.

Will you request charges for extra weight?

Our roll-off dumpsters come in various sizes to suit your needs. We recommend you go with a bigger dumpster to help accommodate the weight if your load is especially high. If your dumpster weights more than the volume allocated for your dumpster size, you will be paid a fee for hitting the tonnage.


How high do I load my dumpster?

You should load the top floor of the dumpster with it. Prior to the disposal of the dumpster, all extra garbage will be collected or the dumpster will be left to level off for the client. A dry-run charge would be applied depending on the location of the job in the event that the dumpster is left behind.


How much does a cubic yard have?

3’x3 ‘x3’ is a cubic yard. Or perhaps 27 cubic feet. Most people don’t know what it looks like, but those contain about 100 gallons of stuff if you think about a regular garbage toter, and ONE cubic yard is equal to TWO stuff worth of toters. Or look at it that way, a pick-up truck bed carries things worth around 2 cubic yards.


Once you deliver it, can I move the dumpster?

We’re going to position the dumpster where you want us to place it, so hopefully, it doesn’t have to be relocated. And actually, without the proper kind of tools, they’re kind of hard to manage. But we’d rather you decide not to move it.