Moving is difficult, but here are few pointers on how to make things smoother and even fun.

Prepare Before You Start

As you might have learned, if you don’t train, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Begin by writing down a brief outline of what needs to be done. Start with a date that you will be going out to avoid making it so overwhelming for yourself. Then, to start, make a list of rooms with available space and a list of what you want to toss and hold.

Take It One Room At A Time

When you’ve completed your list and are ready to continue, begin with the largest or most challenging room. Your relocation would be much faster and more efficient if you do it this way.

Begin by sorting things into small piles or labeling what you want to save, recycle, and discard. Slowly but steadily, by dividing your possessions, you can emotionally prepare your home for the big change.

Marie Kondo Your Belongings

To make the packing process run as smoothly as possible, try to minimize reminiscing. Set aside any things that pull up memories as you find them, and come back to them after you’ve done your everyday activities to sort out what you want to do with them; stopping and starting when you find items might double your packing time!

You should look her up if you’ve never heard of the decluttering craze. You’ll learn how to thank your belongings for their time and then let them go. Her tips and tricks will turn your cluttered mess into a serene and inspiring room.

Start Small

If the whole room is overwhelming, begin with the small objects, such as paper or trinkets.

You’ll need more boxes if you believe you’ve used up all of yours. Make sure they’re healthy ones, too. You don’t want an orderly package containing your belongings to fall to the floor because it’s too fragile to support anything!

This is true of packaging materials, newspaper, bubble wrap, and any materials you might have on hand — you want to make sure you’re properly covering everything.

Storage Is Your Friend

When moving into or out of different places, storing your things in storage units is the most convenient choice. There are many excellent storage facilities located in the United States.

Moving big furniture from various rooms into storage will allow you more breathing room. You’ll be able to layout the rest of your belongings and see the earlier stacks clearly.

Get Rid Of Your Junk

Simply put, if you haven’t used or worn something in the last year, it’s time to get rid of it. Start with smaller items, such as expired food in your pantry or expired cosmetics and medications, especially if it seems too stressful, to begin with.

Will, you ever use the bedsheets that have been languishing in the back of the closet for the past year? Will the shower curtains be necessary for your new home? And this could be just the excuse you’ve been looking for to replace your bed linens and towels.

It will be much easier to follow these top tips, regardless of where you are moving, than it will be to rush in with your eyes shut and hope for the best.